Combining these processes is a simple way of generating economic savings, greater independence from energy suppliers and reduced environmental impact. It is an excellent way to bring economy and ecology into harmony.
There are additional ways to reduce costs, for example by using subsidies from special programmes. During individual meetings we will check which of these may additionally apply to your project.

Lower price of electricity and heat

Thanks to the modern, highly efficient infrastructure provided by GETEC, it is possible to produce electricity and heat simultaneously at a lower cost. GETEC cogeneration is also an easy way to produce cooling (trigeneration).

Increasing financial liquidity

With GETEC contracting, investments and costs for the maintenance or adaptation of an existing installation become redundant. This has a direct impact on your company’s balance sheet structure and increases your financial liquidity in real terms.

Focusing on core business

The financial resources freed up are the wind in the sails of development. The funds can be used to develop the company’s core business and gain a competitive advantage.

Maximum energy availability every day

Modern systems, tailored to real needs and maintained by a team of professionals, guarantee an uninterrupted energy supply. Whenever you need it!

Ongoing monitoring of costs and efficiency

All system performance parameters can be monitored on an ongoing basis throughout the duration of the partnership. GETEC systems are designed in such a way that their parameters can be expanded as your business needs change.

Ecology adds value to your business

Acting in harmony with nature and respecting its resources is a marketing value that is also increasingly appreciated by customers. Make this an added value for your organisation and reduce your carbon footprint without reducing your production.

Scalable systems facilitate your growth

GETEC facilities are designed to grow and scale to produce the energy resources you need for your plans. Its availability will become an ally in the development of your business.

A reliable partner - always there when you need it!

A team of professionals ensures that your systems run continuously and deliver energy whenever your needs and activities require it. GETEC contracting and cogeneration is a proven model to generate more profit for you!


GETEC is a European company with a deep understanding of the needs of modern business and economics, both in transforming and strongly developing economies.

A perfect understanding of the balance between current needs, development prospects, environmental concerns and availability of capital is the strength of GETEC as a partner on your side.

Dozens of installations and systems and thousands of workplaces throughout Europe are excellent proof of our competence. The experience we have gained in working with virtually every industry can provide you with a solid basis on which to start working together, improving efficiency and generating more profit, not least by saving money.

Remember also that the modern CHP systems offered by GETEC can easily be converted into systems that also generate process cooling, i.e. TRIGENERATION.



See what stages the cooperation consists of. Your project can also fit into this model.

Find out how little separates you and your company from gaining new opportunities for development and generating additional benefits
and generate additional benefits from your current activities.

This is how cooperation begins

We talk about your current situation, current needs and development opportunities. Based on the perspectives of the market and legal conditions, and drawing on the best experiences of implementations across Europe, we initially identify possible directions for cooperation.

We are designing for you

We create a blueprint for your future cogeneration plant, taking into account all your current needs as well as opportunities for expansion.

All work is carried out at GETEC’s expense.
You do not use your own capital!

We build and finance

Based on the approved project, we finance its construction from our own resources. You, meanwhile, can engage the freed capital in activities directly related to your area of activity.

Starting up and monitoring operation

The commissioned installation operates under our supervision and service, providing you with as much electricity or heat as you need for your daily business. Total responsibility for operation rests with our specialists.

That is worth remembering!
The entire cost of work and installation is borne by GETEC.

You benefit, you save and you grow!

With GETEC, you only pay for the energy and heat you need for your production plans. Unencumbered by the costs of installation, supervision and service, you can confidently plan your current activities and develop your business.

From then on, you’ll start making real savings or profits – as we understand it, they’re practically the same thing!
That’s how GETEC contracting works.


Let’s talk about cooperation possibilities.

Find out how you can best protect yourself and prepare for the coming changes in the market!
Find out how others have done it and how they have benefited.

Our business environment, as well as the law, is constantly evolving.
Get important information and see if you too can benefit from the expertise of GETEC experts.


Just send us a short message and we will get back to you to arrange a convenient time to meet.
During the meeting (also online) we will discuss the key elements of the project:

  • assessment of demand and structure of energy types used
  • assessment of the amount of energy demand
  • identification of key aspects for contracting cooperation
  • identification of opportunities to use support projects (regional and EU)
  • defining a timeframe for the implementation of the project

Of course this meeting is free of charge and without further obligation.

We look forward to hear from you soon.

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